Basement Renovations: How To Take Your Basement From Dreary to Dreamy


Basements: often forgotten, pushed aside, deprioritized in favor of a large kitchen renovation of bathroom remodeling project. Basements, regardless of whether they are finished or unfinished, have a tendency to be boring, dreary, and dull, hence why they are left in the stone age in terms of decoration and renovation.

This being said, there are a few ways that any basement can be elevated and transformed into a warm, welcoming space.

Here are a few ideas of the fantastic spaces that your basement could transform into with a bit of creativity and patience.

A basement bedroom.

Basements can be wonderful places for bedrooms- and no, they don’t have to be cold and stale. Basements often have large rooms and.or open spaces that are perfect for housing a bed, dresser, and a comfortable couch.

This being said, their wall space is abundant, so with a coat of paint and some stylish well decor, they can become cozy sleeping spaces.

A small rental unit.

Finished basements can be turned into small, private rental suites. When fitted with a kitchenette, updated appliances, and a spacious island, your empty basement space can be used to earn some extra income.

You may also choose to lend this space to a friend, relative, or perhaps, your child when he or she is in between jobs or apartments.

A playroom.

Children come with toys, and these toys need a place to live when not in use. Why not use the basement to house the extra toys (and the annoying toys that talk?).

Update the basement with fun colors, comfy places to sit, a child sized table, and maybe even an indoor playground or ball pit and let the kids run wild.

A craft room.

Any crafters out there? If so, consider turning your basement into the ultimate craft room.

Install a table and a stereo-system or TV, a computer and printer, and dedicate a space for all of your craft and creative supplies. Install overhead lights and spend hours making masterpieces!

A home gym.

Workout equipment is big and bulky. This being said, it needs a large space to be kept, which is where the often excessive size of basements come in.

Most basements will easily fit a treadmill, stair climber, weights, and a number of other fitness devices. While you’re at it, set up a sweet sound system and make the most of your home fitness centre.

A home theatre.

With the release of great movies on the rise, movie collectors need a relaxing space in which to enjoy their favorite flicks. This space could be your basement.

With the addition of a large TV (or two?), a sound system, comfy couches or a sectional, and a stylish shelving unit for housing the prized movie collection, your basement could become a home theatre.

For added pizzazz, consider getting your hands on an old fashioned popcorn machine and a fridge or cooler to keep refreshments.

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